.… but not everybody gets pregnant the natural way. Low Cost High Results IVF and ICSI can offer a solution. But treatments across Europe can cost alot while health insurances only pay for a limited number of treatments. Here in Bulgaria, we will be able to help you with low cost high results IVF and ICSI with high quality care. Our medical IVF clinic Olimed offers the best treatments available care at affordable prices.

Low Cost High Results IVF and ICSI

  • We stimulate your ovaries to help your body to produce eggs it has created naturally. This might involve a series of injections which are easy to manage
  • We remove those eggs in a day procedure called the egg collection or egg retrieval
  • Within the same day, your partner will provide us a sample of his sperm, or we prepare the in the laboratory
  • Our expert scientists mix the eggs and sperm in the lab. We try to create as many embryos as we can to give you the best chance of healthy embryos
  • If the embryo/s fertilise, you will be back about 5 days later to have the embryo/s transferred into your uterus
  • Any extra little embryos are frozen and can be used for another cycle
  • You’ll have a 2-week wait while we see if the embryo takes
  • We do a blood test to see if you’re pregnant

The clinic is located in beautiful Varna, at the Black Sea. So, while getting an IVF treatment, you may want to enjoy the beach and visit the ancient city.

You will be most welcome in our clinic,

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Dr. Margarita Monastirska
Gynecologist, Medical Manager

Русский: https://ivf-icsi-bg.ru

English: https://ivf-icsi.co.uk

Nederlands/Belgisch : https://ivf-icsi.be

Български: https://olimed-invitro.eu

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